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freelance writing

This is a picture of a typewriter to show how Lindsay likes to do freelance writing, speaking, and writing about her struggle with anxiety, anxious thoughts, depression, and God's Word.

Before Lindsay began writing Christian encouragement and about her struggle with anxious thoughts, Lindsay was a health and beauty copy writer.  Now, she loves using her writing to bring humor and hope to God's people. Get in touch with the form below to see how she can collaborate with you on your next project! 



From health and beauty, faith, family life, and mental health, Lindsay  enjoys sharing her words. Click on the icons below to access a portfolio of some of her published articles.
this image links to an article where Lindsay shares about her struggle with anxious thoughts and finding hope in a hard time.
This image links to an article about going through a hard season. It was a wilderness dealing with spiritual warfare and finding hope in God.
this image talks about how life can be hard but how Lindsay finds hope in God in her wilderness seasons
this image talks about going through a wilderness season of depression and finding hope in God
this article talks about social anxiety and God's hope in hard times.
This image links to an article about her daughter's struggle with her wilderness season of struggling with Juvenile Darmatomyositis
this talks about mental health, mental wellness, and overall wellness
this image talks about the struggle of anxious thoughts and depression in marriage
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