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The Hope Hidden in Easter Eggs

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Easter eggs. This year I'm especially digging them. Why? I'm glad you asked.

1. They are bright and beautiful.

Our family's Easter this year is going to be a little quiet. This is our second Easter in our new town and last year wasn't typical (to say the least!). Now that we're far from family we need to find friends that can be our family here, and traditions that make this new place feel more like home. This year we're embracing the small creative ways that we can be festive, grateful, and centered on Jesus.

How does Easter look different for you? Will it be quieter? Less familiar? Maybe it's the first Easter with a new baby, or the first without a loved one. Perhaps finances are tighter this year, or maybe you're uncertain about how being "COVID friendly" will change the way you celebrate.

Hiding eggs reminds me that sometimes the bright moments in life are hidden. When our landscape feels muted by struggle and uncertainty, we must look harder to find joy. The search is worth it.

2. Plain old eggs--transformed into our own creative masterpieces.

Having three children has emphasized to me how different each of us is. Yesterday, my five-year-old asked me which child of mine I loved best. Since we both have sweet tooths, I said, "Imagine the best cookie ever made, the best brownie ever made, and the best slice of birthday cake, all with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Which one would you pick as a favorite?" Her eyes rolled with delight as she sighed, "oooooh!! I couldn't choose! But can I have dessert?"

We are all God's imagers made to glorify Him in small and big ways. When we rest in His grace we can make what we do an invitation rather than proof of our worth. No Easter egg is better than the next. Dipped in bright die, speckled with stickers, striped or polka dotted, each egg is handmade to remember and celebrate Easter.

But of course, none of them should distract from the source of celebration.

4. The best reminder of the Easter egg. The Easter egg reminds us of the empty tomb and new life. I hope circumstances allow you to return to church this Easter, but if that's not the case, Jesus reminds us that because of Him we "worship the Father in spirit and truth" (John 4:23-24). For some of us, church will happen in the unexpected and quiet spaces of our homes tomorrow. Even at church, our Easter Sunday may be less crowded, certainly more distanced. However we celebrate, the truth of Easter remains. Through Jesus, God cracked open the former way of ritual sacrifice and offered us a relationship.


So as we dye and hide eggs, as we eat deviled eggs and egg salad, we can smile and remember hope and joy that has been won for us in Jesus.


I'm so excited to announce the series that we will begin next week. More, I'm inviting five different bloggers to share their different perspectives on this same struggle. You won't want to miss it!

It's hard to find the energy to show up for our relationships at work, with our friends, and even with family. Relationships don't come with an instruction manual, and sometimes their maintenance can feel exhausting, even daunting. Post COVID our relationships can feel even more complicated and distant.

Over the next five weeks we'll be digging into how we can overcome the insecurity and burn-out to show up for our family, our friends, and in our community.


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